High School and University

Below is a table of contents for all education-related posts.

High School

Tips for your High School Years

Tips for Online Classes

AP vs DE

AP Class Tips


Senior Year Checklist

Packing for Overnight College Visits

Applying to College

What to ask During a College Tour

Committing to a College

8 Easy Resources to find Scholarships for College

Films to Watch before Graduating High School

How to Plan the Epic Graduation Party

College (Undergrad)

The asterisk (*) marks all freshman/incoming student-specific posts.

My College Bucket List

*Applying to College

*Committing to a College

*College Shopping List

*Advice for Incoming Freshman

*Scheduling Freshman Classes

Sophomore Year of College

*Choosing a College Meal Plan

*Choosing your Dorm

Roommate Questionaire

Creating my College Schedule


Balancing Two Minors

8 Easy Resources to find Scholarships for College

Navigating fall 2020 (face-to-face, hybrid, and remote): Covid-19

Graduating College

Where to Buy Textbooks

Working on Campus

Websites and Programs for College

Tips for Online Classes

Grad School

How to Choose the Right Grad School: 5 Important Tips

7 Tips to Prepare for Grad School

Day in the Life of a Grad Student

Working 8-4 while in Grad School


Slangs of Today (2017)

How to: Bullet Journal

Virtual Ceremonies 2020

Gifts for College Students


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