Scheduling Freshman College Classes

The time is here for scheduling my courses! Being able to plan my time and classes in college is different, in a good way, in high school. I can make my first class start at 10 am and have my last class be at 12 pm rather than the standard eight hours.

Maybe you’re in the same boat as me wondering how and where to start. You don’t want to have a dreadful schedule so, follow my tips below for a flexible and easy guide on choosing classes!

Starting Early and Timing

Timing is everything. Once course sign-ups are available, do it as soon as possible! The more desired classes, processors, and times will be full quickly leaving early morning or late classes left. Just because you attended high school at 7 am does not mean you can or should sign up for an 8 am class. Unless you are naturally a morning person, don’t do it! You may think it’s a good idea now but, you don’t want to regret this decision. It might be difficult finding the same course at a later time. Also, take a look at the days the class meets. Some classes may meet for 30 minutes three times a week or once a week for 3hrs. Be mindful when signing up!


Based on your intended major, take a look at the courses you are required to for graduation. It may seem crazy now to look ahead four+ years from now but, there is a reason. This is essential because checking and requesting your audit prevents you from taking classes you don’t need! There’s no harm in taking electives but, why be three years in and realize you need to complete a freshman course as a junior.

Rate my professor

When I found a class I was interested in; I used this site to read feedback from other students who took courses by the professor. This is helpful for you to know how the instructor teaches and their style. This can range from lecture heavy and must take notes to presentations and papers.


Location, location, location! If you sign up for a 10 am class in building M259 that ends at 11:20, but you’re next class starts in less than fifteen minutes during your usual lunchtime, you may want to rethink taking that specific class this semester. Having a map of the campus will allow you to get a better idea of the route to each class on a standard day. The last thing you want is to be late.

Fake schedule

I suggest that you make a ‘fake’ schedule! Whether it is written on a piece of paper or typed, write the course code, teacher name, location, and time in order of the standard calendar. You can easily see how spaced out the classes are and determine the set up to make your ideal schedule! This is beneficial if you are not required to register the day of. Once you’re happy with your schedule, you can search for the classes by the professor name instead of scrolling through the never-ending catalogue.

Lunch and gym

In high school, you didn’t have to worry about planning your lunch period. But, for college, you have to make your slot for it; the same goes for working out. No one is going to remind you to eat at noon or workout at 4 pm to prevent the freshman 15. Make a block for that in your schedule as well as give yourself ample time for studying, meeting up with friends, or going to help hour.

Work and clubs

If you decide to take a campus job and/or participant in clubs, it is essential to make a flexible schedule that will work for both. Many college clubs meet in the evenings. If you attend a Christian, private college with chapel credits, check the times of most services. Ask your campus job if there are specific hours desired.


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  1. Great job Jade, I see that you have mastered this and I wish you a successful freshman year. Remember you are blessed and highly favored. xoxoxi

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