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Day in the Life of a Grad Student

This is my first semester of graduate school! Programs differ depending on location and college, but mine began in the summer of ’21. Before beginning grad school, I took two semesters off of school and decided to work. My final semester of my undergrad was a light load and didn’t feel like my typical schedule. In grad school, my schedule is flexible! My new job doesn’t start until August (teacher life), and my upcoming in-person orientations are at the end of July. Welcome to a day in my life:

9am- it’s summer, so I don’t wake up early. I complete my morning routine and look ahead at my calendar. Besides my new job orientation today, I am free.

11am- I attend my virtual orientation for my new job.

3pm- I log into my grad school’s portal. Before being accepted, there were several steps to the application process and prerequisites that I had to complete. Having my gap time allowed me to do all of this with complete focus.

4pm- We have a synchronous meeting today as internships are verified, placements are set, and course needs are discussed. My grad program is accelerated. This means I will be taking three classes my first two semesters, summer and fall, and a choice to complete the remaining four all in the fall, or disperse between the fall and the summer. I’m already leaning towards the latter.

5pm- I work on some assignments and schedule future assignments.


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