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Committing to a College

Happy National Decision Day! All around the world, high school seniors are preparing or already made their final college decisions. They decided where they want to spend the next four years as they thrive, prosper, and learn how they want to impact the world. Today, more than before, is where all the feels of independence and sadness of leaving kicks in. The realization that graduation is quickly approaching settles in as well.

When starting the process, it’s scary and exciting at the same time. I mean, when I began, I felt a sense of strictness by looking at every area closely. I had to eventually stop looking at the surroundings and focus on the university itself when it came down to my last two choices. I think the same goes for people. We need to stop focusing so much time and effort on a materialistic outward persona and strengthen our inward spirit. Take the time to love the person for who they are instead of what comes with knowing them.

So, how you know which college to go to? How do you choose?

By this time, you already have your list of colleges and know if they have your potential major and/or minor.

  1. Make a cost list. This should include the tuition, room/board, books, and any additional fees per school year. Below that, include (subtract from that total) the scholarships you can or already received. This gives you a good idea of the price per year at each college. Now, you shouldn’t make this the deciding factor, it’s helpful to see and have an idea.
  2. Write a list of clubs you would join in each school. If you want to study music and one school as a band or worship team available, it has an advantage over the others. Think of this as tallying points. You can also tell how easy it is to be involved. Your clubs, apart from roommate and classes, is where friendships can easily be made.
  3. Take tours. Most colleges have three to four different types of tours: daily, one day, preview/overnight, and summer. The summer and daily tours are similar but, more opportunities to see the campus is available during the school year. The one day tour allows prospective students to visit classes and spend a day as a college student. The overnight tour, which I highly recommend doing, is similar to the day tour but, you gain more of a personal experience.
  4. Trust in your feeling. You’re probably wondering, “what do you mean by that”. When you step on a campus during a tour, you immediately know and get a sense. I had two feelings at my (woo!) college: a sense of familiarity as if I’ve been there and a sense of being comfortable with the surrounding. This should be the bulk and main decision of your choice. Your mind may look at the surrounding city or the luxury of what the window shows but, your heart knows will spill how you feel. God will tell you, in some way, where you need to be.

If you already committed to a college, let me know in the comments where you’re going!


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