Creating my College Schedule

Every semester, I’m not going to lie, I was/am one of those students who wait until midnight to register for classes.

I found the process exciting and anticipating! I wanted to be sure that I got my first choice classes with the professors I wanted. Since my freshman year schedule post, I’ve learned new ways and tips for creating my schedule while focusing on specific areas.

Below are my steps when making my schedule.

1. Advising Sheet

Every semester, I print my advising sheet out that has a list of all the course requirements needed for my major and minors. When I complete a course, I cross it off. Having this sheet allows me to see all the classes I need to take and compare what will be offered during the coming semester.

2. Class Offerings

Usually, the class schedule for the next semester is up for about a month prior to the registration date. It may be sooner. Keep checking to view what will be offered. The worst thing is preparing to take a class when it isn’t offered.

I also take into consideration the class locations, professors, and timing.

3. Make a Prospective Schedule

Using my advising sheet and class offering page, I make a prospective schedule. In this way, I can plan how many classes I have a day, work around my job schedule, and determine which classes fit if there are multiple I need to take. Ultimately, while I do have preferences over a specific class, sometimes I let my schedule decide what I take.

For my fall registration, I wanted to take world literature, but it was canceled. My second choice was women’s literature, but the timing did not work because I would have to switch my work schedule. It would have been a domino effect. Instead, I’m taking American literature which replaces my canceled class during the same block.

4. Meet with an Advisor

Every semester, I meet with my advisor at least once. At my uni, every student is assigned a professor in their major department to walk with us until we graduate. They are there for major and class questions to post-grad advice.

When meeting with my advisor, I show him my prospective schedule and get his take on it. During our spring meetings, we talk about any classes I want to take during the summer and map out what I have left.

5. Register

Like I said before, I’m one of those students who stay up to register for classes. I attend a small, private university. Even though the likelihood of classes being full in my major classes slim, some courses are also needed for others. It’s helpful for me to get it finished as soon as possible. Plus, if changes need to be made later in the day, you’re finished with the core of your schedule!

I edited my schedule two months later without fear.


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