Roommate Questionnaire

You were accepted into your dream college and chose the place you’ll call home for the next four years. Now, it’s time to choose who you’ll live with.

Upon enrollment deposit, you’ll be able to choose a dorm and fill out questions for roommate assignment.

For me, the thought of having a roommate was an exciting and nervous one! As an only child, the only times I shared a room was with my cousin whenever she visits. I pictured this whole process as a way to find your best friend; a college ‘survival’ buddy.

Things to keep in mind:

  1. Be honest! Don’t claim to be an early riser if you aren’t! Chances are, your roommate may actually be an early riser and you’ll have to deal with it. This isn’t a profile to fake. The same goes with how neat you are!
  2. Don’t forget to list your ideal roommate. In my questionnaire, there was an area where I could type what I look for in a roommate. If you’re looking for a best friend or someone to encourage you to join more clubs, write it! Don’t be afraid to be blunt!
  3. Maybe you have to check boxes-think realistically instead of how you desire to be. Some of my friends who went to public colleges chose the best option under a category.
  4. True dorm talk: look at all the housing options! Regarding dorms, always ask! If most freshmen live in a specific dorm building, you can ask your counselor if this is required. was able to choose another house instead of the usual freshmen one! You never know what they may say. Consider the amenities and the surrounding area of the dorm before finalizing your decision.
  5. Research the dorms: look for photos. You can tell more things about an area through the lens of a camera. If you don’t want a community bathroom, take that into perspective when choosing!
  6. Other schools may have you choose a roommate through a social media group or website. Be sure to read the description the person gives to determine if you would be good roommates. Take photos, tone, and words into account but, don’t judge a book!


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