Websites and Programs for College

As another semester ends, there is so much that has been accomplished. Without resources and programs, the educational usage of technology would not make things as accessible as they are today.

Check out my compiled list of websites and programs you should visit!

*All of these resources and apps were tested/used on Apple products


Yes, I know this is a program that can be installed on your computer, but there is also an app for it! It makes writing papers or adding finishing touches to a resume like a push of a button. As soon as you exit out of the app, it saves automatically through the Cloud.


This program and website helps spellchecks your writing! Whether it is a discussion board post, email, or course paper, the program can help with grammatical errors. But, beware, not all suggestions are accurate. In the end, it is still a computer program:)


If you don’t have your school email on your general mail application, you should certainly download the app! Most schools use Gmail or Outlook platforms. These apps allow users to receive emails quick and enable reply suggestions.

Grades (A+ app logo)

Now, I don’t know about you, but I watch my grades several times a day. I have alerts set when my professors enter a grade and the app of our program downloaded on my phone. However, this app lets me put the syllabus in and my grades as well as the score I want. For each category/grade, it shows the score I need! When you pay for the full version, you’re able to make several classes, semesters, and view your GPA as well!

Blackboard app

My school doesn’t use Blackboard, but I did take classes through other universities that did. The Blackboard app is helpful to login when you’re out and about. While the cons are not being able to see the chat room and screen simultaneously not being able to mark/draw on the whiteboard. However, it is a helpful alternative when a computer is not near. You can still be in groups, raise your hand, and notate an answer.


When I write ‘Google’, I am not referring to the search engine. There are several Google platforms apps for students. Browse and tryout Google survey, docs, sheets, keep, and hangouts without needing to worry about saving your work.


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