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Advice for Incoming Freshman

I cannot believe my first year of college is already over! I felt like I just graduated high school. Now, here I am, celebrating my close friend’s graduation- class of 2019.

So, what advice would I pass on? After a year of change from living on campus and being involved to getting a job, there are things I would share.

  • Be yourself and make connections. College is stigmatized as a place to reinvent yourself and find your soulmate but, still stay true to you. Everything from a perfect job, internship, and friends may not happen in the first semester or the first year. But, that’s okay. No one can be a better you.
  • Stay in touch with home. Your parents and siblings have been there for you since you can remember. Don’t neglect them for your college life. Stay in touch with them and make sure to write or call. If it helps, make a schedule to talk or FaceTime them. The same goes with friends. It’s easy for high school friends to get caught up in their own college life but, make an effort to stay in touch with them!
  • Put yourself out there. Join clubs, go to events, and make an effort to meet people. Things such as keeping your dorm door open can be inviting for others. Try to make at least one friend in each class. Don’t be scared. Other freshman are in the same boat as you so orientation is another great way to meet people.
  • Go out of your comfort zone but stay safe and let your morals and inner voice direct you. Find real friends to challenge you and influence you for the better.
  • Classes are still important. Thirteen years of schooling brought you to this point, going to college. Just because you reached this mark, keep up the hard work!
  • Talk to professors. Your professors, especially those in your major, will be your mentors, role models, and people to look towards and help you reach your goals and get opportunities.
  • Make your dorm comfortable. From befriending and making efforts with roommates to setting up photos, your dorm is going to be a place away from home. Your new safe haven before finding your comfortable, secret place on campus. Click here for more. 
  • Understand procrastination. You may not think that you would be the one in the library at 2am but, it’s an easy thing to do if you don’t plan ahead. Keep track of assignments and find your rhythm whether it be a digital or physical planner. Use every syllabi. You will be stressed. That’s a no brainer; the way that you handle your stress is your fuel and showcase of time management. Get on top of the game.
  • Use your resources. The library, faculty, TA, and the tutoring/writing center are resources for you to use. This can help you.
  • Make your schedule great! Click here to see post. 
  • Meal plans? Click here to see post. 
  • If you want to get a job on campus, look at all your options. I work at the library during the school year!:) When getting an on campus job, remember and clarify a firm way of time management. The pro of campus jobs is that your manager knows your a student and they work around classes.
  • Be present. Just like your senior year of high school, your college years will fly by.


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