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Working on-campus brings an added sense of adulting. There’s one thing to be going to college and living on-campus, but working as well is primetime. I didn’t have a car, so I only searched for on-campus jobs. The pro with this, apart from being close to the dorm, is that your employer knows you’re a student and takes it seriously. To them, you’re a student first and a worker next.

There are many job options on-campus that many students are unaware of! It’s easy to think of the ‘normal’ jobs seen on television, but what if you look beyond the surface? You have the opportunity to gain leadership skills, learn job skills, and meet new people.

I suggest printing various applications and submitting them simultaneously to your top choices. On my campus, student workers work ten hours a week. This varies by job and college, so be sure to ask. If you qualify for work-study, there are more openings. Regardless, apply immediately and be patient.

Library Worker

I began working at our campus library since my second semester of college. I always loved the library and actually volunteered at my local library since I was in middle school! As a library worker, we do everything a librarian does from shelving books to manning the circulation desk and everything in-between.

Teacher’s Assistant (TA)

I am also a teacher’s assistant for a professor in my department! I got the opportunity to be a TA during my second year in college. You can either submit an application to the administrator of the department or a professor will personally ask you. You don’t have to be a TA in your major. Usually, the requirement is based on classes the professor offers that you passed with good grades, effort, and character.

Being a TA is similar to the job at a high school level in ways that you grade and assist the professor. But, there is so much more! As an aspiring teacher, this job aids me for the future and I enjoy it. I help my prof. with our annual writing conference, planning, and more.


Coffee. While I’m not a coffee drinker, I go to our coffeehouse often for acai bowls! These baristas and cafe workers make drinks and prepare any snacks or food items.


Every college has a tutoring center. If you completed the class with a high grade, you can apply to tutor others in that subject!

Fitness Center Attendant

At my campus, this job is filled with kinesiology majors. They check students in if they want to use the facilities as well as man the floor by surveying proper usage of equipment.

Pool Lifeguard

If you work here, you can surely have fun in the sun by surveying the pool to ensure everyone’s safety. My university is in Florida, so our pool is open for a good part of the year. These workers also check people in.

Mail Room Attendant

These workers accept and sort packages and letters to their designated person. Usually, this job requires only a handful of student workers because of their dedication and small space.

Athletic Manager

While athletic trainers are specific for those in the major, an athletic manager is similar to a water girl. Whether it is for tennis for basketball, these individuals ensure the players have everything they need. Many times, athletic managers travel with the players for away games.

Game and Event Attendant

During sporting events, there are student workers to become attendants to swipe student cards for access to events and games. They may also handle concessions for home games.

Food Services Worker

Whether it be at a dining hall or food court, there are many jobs in the food industry on campus! If you have prior experience, that is also a plus but not required.

Finance Office Worker

Students who work in the finance office can help counselors by directing students to the needed financial counselor or cashier to process payments and gain insight on scholarships.

Bookstore Employee

Similar to a library and food services combined, these workers help students buy textbooks, university merch, and personal items!

Bank Employee

At my university, there is a bank on campus. There are student workers who assist the representative.

Admissions and Tour Guide

If you love meeting new people and showing school spirit, you can work as a tour guide or in the admissions department!

Call Center Employee

In similar avenues as admissions, this worker calls prospective students about shadow and visit days and application deadlines. They can also be the operator for the school’s virtual chat.

Resident Assistant (RA)

I’m reluctant to add being an RA on this list. Why? On my campus, and other colleges as well, being an RA is a student leadership position. This differs from a job because rather than being paid, you get a scholarship of your room and board amount rather than a paycheck.

Media Production Worker

At my school, you have to be in the major, minor, or classes to work in media. This team handles the lights, music, and cameras at performances and events!

Which jobs are you interested in? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. That’s great to hear, Malachi! I was in the same boat and enjoyed every minute. You might even be able to submit your application(s) through email! Happy scouting:)

  2. Thank you Jade for this elaborate list. It sparked my interest but I did not know how to begin, where to look, or what might be available. However after reading your post, I have a better understanding of working on campus.
    When everything is back to normal and I am able to go back to campus, I am going to apply for a campus job. I don’t have a car either so sometimes it can be boring . So I will definitely apply.

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