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In high school, I embarked on a virtual learning journey, taking around ten online classes. Some were elective courses, while others were essential college subjects. Then, in university, my classes were virtual due to Covid. Let me tell you, being a virtual student requires some serious strategies and tips to excel and achieve those high grades! And trust me, I’ve got you covered.

First things first, when you start taking college credit online, make sure to print out that syllabus. I cannot stress enough how much of a lifesaver this can be! Your professor won’t be there to hold your hand and remind you of upcoming assignments. It’s up to you to take control. Having those due dates right in front of you allows you to plan your schedule around holidays or busy days. It’s like having a secret weapon in your arsenal!

Now, let’s talk about planners. Oh boy, planners are an absolute must-have. They are the key to effective time management and preventing forgetfulness. Seriously, all my friends can vouch for my obsession with planners! So, don’t just buy one and let it collect dust on your desk. Use it! Cross off completed tasks, highlight important deadlines, and find a way to enjoy using it. Trust me, it’ll make a world of difference.

Taking notes may seem like a no-brainer, but don’t underestimate its importance in online classes. Just because the class is virtual doesn’t mean it’ll be a walk in the park. You still have to read that online textbook, and yes, taking notes will help you retain information and succeed in the class. Whether you prefer detailed notebook sheets or bullet point PDF files, find a systematic way of note-taking that works for you. This will also give you a head start in understanding your learning style and adapting accordingly.

Now, let’s talk about deadlines. Time management is crucial, and your trusty planner will come in handy here too. If you have a paper due at the end of the semester, don’t wait until the last minute to start working on it. Give yourself a head start by finding research materials and gathering data. Even if you’re one of those people who claim to work better under pressure, having a solid foundation for your assignment won’t hurt. Trust me, future you will thank present you for being proactive.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to seek help when needed. Online courses can be challenging, especially when it comes to subjects like math or economics. The downside of virtual learning is not having immediate access to a teacher for hands-on attention. But fear not! Most online courses have help centers and virtual tutoring or office hours help. Take advantage of these resources!


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