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How to Plan the Epic Graduation Party

Woohoo, you made it! You’re nearing the final months of your high school career and all you have in mind is a celebration!

Here are tips for planning the best and memorable graduation party:

Get your invites and announcements out!

For the family members out of town to letting your friends and guests know the date, make sure to mail or hand out the announcements cards! The last thing you want is knowing there are three other graduation parties on the same day as yours and being the last to let people know!

Things to include on the invite/announcement:



time of party

rsvp number and date

indicate the dress code (casual, business casual, or no jeans/shorts)

graduation date

college you’re planning to attend

Invite teachers and important adults in your life.

Your graduation party isn’t just to commemorate you and your family but, it should also include your special friends and teachers that truly impacted you! From an elementary teacher to your last year bio teacher, don’t leave them out!

Book your venue or secure the area

I cannot stress more on how important booking your venue in advance is! Securing a good location great for you and your guests is essential for a good outcome! If you’re like me, my mom and I ended up booking mine a month before after looking at over ten different locations until finding the one. I would suggest booking more than four months away to preserve the date and times you want! Before booking, read the agreement and rules for the location. Some may have you include the setup and tear down time in your rent fee.

Others may prohibit decorations near the doorway or walls.If your venue is at your home, have an idea of where you want everyone to congregate whether it be in the living room/den or on the porch or backyard!

Food, drinks, and snacks

Whether you decide to buy, make, or cater food, have your idea for warmers and serving trays written down before buying and preparing. This will make it so much easier. It’s easy to forget cutlery, serving spoons, napkins, cups, or plates for the main and desserts.

Have a color scheme or theme

Think of your graduation party as another birthday celebration. Themes or color schemes make it easier when deciding napkin types or entertainment.My graduation party theme were gold, white, black, and the occasional silver. The colors made it easier with decor, plate designs, and the overall setting of my ‘no jeans/shorts’ party.

Amazon was my friend when ordering decor and quiz games! We also bought items from Party City, Walmart, Target, Dollar Store, Publix, Oriental Trading, and Home Goods! You never know where you find the perfect item!

My friends had themes ranging from an intimate magic theme to backyard/boho and even a Fourth of July celebration. When deciding, take your venue into consideration along with your personality. After all, this is about you!

Must have items

I suggest having a designated table for gifts and cards as well as an area for your guests to sign in! This makes it memorable as you look back on the people who made you smile and enjoy your day.


I’m all for photography and memories so it’s a no brained that before my friends and guests left, we took an old-fashion Polaroid photo! Once it instantly printed, I stuck it as a border around my senior board.

The pro of instant photos includes…

1. You don’t have to develop them later

2. You get a diy, aesthetic, Pinterest vibe

3. Makes amazing decorations for your dorm or pretty designs in a scrapbook or wall!


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