3 Websites to Buy Textbooks

Most of the money you save as a college student goes towards textbooks. They’re essential for classes, but can be pricey. I wait until the first week of class to buy my textbooks in case one professor decides to change the resources.

Before looking, decide if you want to rent or buy. There are some courses that I enjoy so much or anticipating enjoying that I would want to keep the book.

Next, would you want a physical or electronic textbook? Personally, I prefer physical books.

Lastly, if it is a physical book, do you want a new or used one? While used books are cheaper, sometimes I enjoy the new ones because there are no notes or highlights and no one has used it.

Where are the best ways to get good books?


I always look at Amazon first when I receive my class textbook source. It is helpful because there are multiple items and books, a rental portal, and Prime. I love using Amazon’s rental because I can track the shipping and I receive the label when returning.

Campus Bookstore

I check my campus bookstore for textbook prices to compare. Not always, but I have had books that were cheaper on campus compared to Amazon! It is worth checking the prices.

Note: If you buy an electronic book, ask if they have a loose-leaf textbook. Most times, you can get these for free. I requested one and bound it using a binder.

SlugBooks (Third-Party Sellers)

I enjoy using SlugBooks to compare third-party sellers. I prefer the first two options, but I do have friends who don’t care which seller they use. Chegg is especially popular on college campuses.


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  1. whoah this blog is excellent i love reading your posts. Keep up the good work! You know, many students are searching around for this information, and this post helps them greatly.

  2. PERFECT timing! I’m glad you’re able to check these textbook hubs for your classes. Enjoy and good luck with classes:)

  3. Love this information. Especially that the fact I am going to be taking summer classes in the next two weeks. Now I will approach buying my books according to your guidance! Thank you

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