Choosing your Dorm

College is a big step compared to high school. There are so many new things going on! If you decide to live on campus, take these factors into consideration before you choose your residence hall!


Location is everything in marketing amusement parks and hotels but, it also goes a long way! If your college campus is large, you wouldn’t want to walk 30 minutes or have to drive! Maybe there’s a building near the campus restaurant or library that you would prefer before submitting your request!

My dorm has a laundry room on the second floor near me. It’s close to campus events as well.

Style and size

There are different styles of housing rooms. In some, you may live in a suite with your own room. In others, you share with one, three, or even seven other people! Some dorms have community bathroom while others are regular. A community bathroom is a large bathroom with several sinks, showers, and toilets for multiple dorms on the floor. If you have a preference, keep this in mind when looking at photos! Most layouts can be found on the college site!

In mine, I have a roommate and two suite mates  that we share a bathroom with. Each floor has a lobby with a kitchenette and TV!


Dorms are furnished with beds and desks customarily. I’ve seen bunk beds and regular so, be sure to look out for this if you have a preference! Others may also include dressers, common areas with supplies, etc! This is helpful mostly when packing but, it can also be useful in determining if another dorm comes with more furnishings!

My dorm room came with a bed, desk, closet, and drawers.


Some dorm buildings vary in price! Keep this in mind before choosing. There may also be specific areas for juniors and seniors only, honors, required GPA, or a specific major. Check the requirements before you start falling in love with a building!


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