AP Class Tips

Around these months, high schoolers are deciding which AP classes they want to take or already know which ones they are challenging themselves to.

There is a defined difference between AP and dual enrollment (DE).

Advanced Placement (AP) classes are by College Board. Check out their full list of AP classes and suggest ones for specific majors!

Here are tips that I recommend in order to make the course more manageable and to feel a bit better about it!

1. Do the reading.  

There will be a lot of reading and work in AP classes like any other class. There is a high expectation by teachers. So, make sure to take advantage of extra reading or assignments.

2. Find a study partner or group. 

Having someone to quiz and talk over sections is helpful. In any subject, just having a person’s presence to talk over information is useful for your AP endeavor. Find a study partner or group whether that’s a family member or a classmate. This will benefit you!

3. Get a review book.

Talk to past students of the AP class you’re taking or the teacher and ask for their suggestion of a study book. There are so many resources both free and paid out there. Many textbooks have their own website. For example, if you’re taking APUSH (AP U.S. History) I would recommend the AMSCO study book. For AP Langauge, I suggest the Five steps book. Regarding websites, this is a helpful one with an abundance of subjects. Don’t forget to look at YouTube as well as other apps and books as study tools!

4. Ask for help. 

Don’t be afraid to ask people for help. A classmate, teacher, or family member can assist you in your progress! This isn’t a failure or something to be afraid of! Seek extra help and sessions or a tutor if needed.

5. Practice, practice, practice!

Make sure to practice a mock AP exam. There is always something to practice whether it is completing more math problems or writing essays. Don’t stop!

6. Keep all of your papers!

After your first semester of class, do not throw away papers. Keep every AP paper because it may be needed to make a study guide. This advice goes with any class! Be sure to confirm that you will not need a paper if you’re unsure and desire to lessen the load. Instead, keep these papers in a binder! That way, it’s out of the way yet still accessible!

7. Take notes and study.  

Don’t wait for your teacher to tell you to take notes. These notes from their oral teaching may be helpful on the exam as you take it or even on a class test! Be sure to make your notes legible and find your way of studying and note-taking! Do you study best by rereading, highlights, flashcards, verbal conversation, etc.? Practice a way that benefits you!

Upon completion and leasing up to your exam, you can use this website and others near it to calculate your score!


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