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The Slangs of Today

As a high school student of this day and age, trends and slangs are ever changing. Hearing the slangs my peers say is so weird! In a few years, these would be a figment of one’s imagination. Some are food related such as raw while others, like dope, has a totally different meaning than before!

Whether you want to decipher teen language or figure out which ones you heard, below is a list of slangs that are (were) popular and their meanings.

Lit- cool or awesome

“That party was so lit!”

Savage- sassy, mean, or rude

“Did you really say that? You’re such a savage!”

Raw- amazing or cool

“Maroon 5 is so raw.”

Fierce- sassy, amazing, or strong

“Stay fierce!”

Squad- close group of friends

“I know, my friends and I are squad goals.”

Fam- ‘family’; a term said towards close friends

“So, fam, what are we doin’ tonight?”

Goat- greatest of all time

“Look at that! I made it! I’m the goat!”

Slay- rock or amazing

“Her outfit slays!”

Bruh- ‘brother’; the new ‘dude’

“Bruh, you won’t believe this.”

Hundo p- one-hundred percent or real

“Keep it hundo p.”

Trash- garbage, terrible, or bad

“That team is trash!”

Low-key- incognito

“I’m low key stalking NBA stars on Twitter.”

Basic- plain, regular, or ordinary

“Don’t be basic!”

Dope- exciting or cool

“Man, that movie was dope!”

Dumb hard- difficult

“That math test was dumb hard.”

TBH- to be honest; more used on social media

“TBH, you’re my favorite person!”

Joshing- to joke or kid with 

“You’re definitely joshing me right now.”

Sauce- easy

“That test was sauce!”

Cooking- rocking out or doing well

Look at my points. I’m cooking out there!”

Have you heard of these? If so, which ones? What slang(s) do you hear daily that wasn’t mentioned? Let me know in the comments!


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