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How to Choose the Right Grad School: 5 Important Tips

Research, research, research! Before making any decisions, it is crucial to thoroughly research the graduate programs you are interested in. Look into the faculty members, their areas of expertise, and their research interests. Are you planning on an online, hyrbid, or face-to-face program? This will give you an idea of whether their focus aligns with… Read More How to Choose the Right Grad School: 5 Important Tips


Balancing Two Minors

I am pursuing two minors, along with my major, and a certification. Why minor in something? I like to think of minors as mini specializations. They can mesh with your major and produce the attributes for your aspired job. How do I balance my course needs and schedule? *Update: I graduated with three minors. Attending… Read More Balancing Two Minors


Working on Campus

Working on-campus brings an added sense of adulting. There’s one thing to be going to college and living on-campus, but working as well is primetime. I didn’t have a car, so I only searched for on-campus jobs. The pro with this, apart from being close to the dorm, is that your employer knows you’re a… Read More Working on Campus