Be a fountain not a drain

You might be wondering, “Jade, what are you talking about? Why would I want to be either of those things?” Let me explain.

Everything you see influences your actions. These actions set up choices and decisions you have to make in your life. All the junk in life is going to try to get your attention. It wants to be the center of your world and make you feel the temporary fulfillment only God can fill. There are some people who takes in every word they hear and copy everything they see. Like a drain, they allow themselves to be filled with the good, bad, and ugly. Whatever is in your heart will be shared with others. If there’s bitterness, hurt, and untruthfulness in your heart, others will be able to see that.

On the other hand, the ever you go to a mall or park, there’s a beautiful fountain right in the middle for everyone to see. People throw coins in it for ‘luck’. Like a fountain, individuals that store goodness and love in their heart will sow into relationships and talents. People will gravitate towards their personality and want to see where their joy is coming from.


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2 thoughts on “Be a fountain not a drain

  1. I definitely want to be a fountain. Great write up! Keep doing what you do best!

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