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Theatre vs Literature

Theatre is different from literature because of the difference in visual experience. With literature, readers need to visually imagine the characters rather than see them on a stage. The portrayal of specific dialogue and reactions to events come to life with the actor’s theatrical performance. I feel like the personal moments of sitting in the seats and hearing the theatrical play first-hand is lost. The audience sees a specific technical lighting or positioning unknown to viewers. The actors connect with the audience directly through their character. There is a unique intimacy unlike anything else. I believe a close relationship is possible. Nothing can be like experiencing a play in the audience.

I saw every form of Lion King including clips from the play, but nothing was better or more sensational than seeing the performance on Broadway. I heard the songs from Wicked, but nothing was like hearing them live and in-person. To the right-brained, imaginative individual, I believe they can create their own experience using prior knowledge and background. Their view will be slightly different, but the overall feeling and ‘touch’ will be present. I feel this way when I watch my home church online. Viewers rely only on their sight and hearing while audience members experience with every sense. The touch of the chairs, the vibration of the music, the smell of the location (church or theatre), the drinks available, or lack of. There are unique experiences based on our senses that produce first-hand or second-hand feelings.

On a recording, we what the power wielder wants us to see. At church, for example, the camera will focus on the singer. However, I know that the pianist plays in the right corner of the stage. If I was physically there, I would be able to turn around and direct my attention where I choose. Through clips, this is not the case.


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