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March Reads

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I can’t believe March is almost over! It was a busier month with school, SAT, and the final months of senior year. But, that doesn’t mean I put my books aside!

Below are my March reads!

Choose to Matter by Julie Foudy

This novel was written by a gold medalist Olympic soccer player! Foudy is an inspirational leader on and off the field. Her self-care book is all about touching into the leadership potential and quality within each one of us! Foudy has a systematic approach by focusing on leadership in varies areas of our lives starting with our inner self because you can’t expect to impact others when you’re not ready to impact. I recommend this because Foudy doesn’t solely focus on her nor does she talk about her success alone. In Choose to Matter, she includes quotes and interviews from people of all ages and walks of life on how at their lowest point when things weren’t going right or critics spoke louder than supporters, they chose to matter and lead.

Quiet Power by Susan Cain

I’m an introvert (hi fellow introverts!). Quiet power is similar to Choose to Matter in the way of helping quiet people who gains energy when they are in solitude find their voice and strength. If you’re an extrovert, this book is still a great read because Caine doesn’t ignore y’all.

If you’re unsure what MBTi you are, click here for a personality quiz! I use this website and love it! It is accurate and there is a section to see the meaning of each type as well as your artistic towards relationships, change, qualities, and even things to work on.

There’s also an impromptu quiz in the novel that you can take as well for a broad introvert or extrovert answer.

The Last of August by Brittany Cavallaro

“It’s strange to grieve for your former self, and still I think it’s something that any girl understands. I’ve shed so many skins, I hardly know what I am now—muscle, maybe, or just memory. Perhaps just the will to keep going.”

The Last of August was the only fiction book I read this month. This is the second of the Study in Charlotte trilogy. I enjoyed this novel as it focuses on the summer break with Charlotte and August. It wasn’t as good as the first book but, once the climax reaches, there is more interest and excitement. Like the first book, the author included Charlotte’s point of view, an addition I love.

I also found additional novels!

  • Undaunted: Daring to do what God Calls you to do by Christine Caine
  • While watching YouTube videos, Kirby suggested this author. I loved the synopsis!

Fun fact: I love sign language and I don’t believe in any disability is greater than a person’s quality. I enjoyed Love at First Sight (read more) and this sounded similar just with a deaf and select mute main characters!

  • Roomies by Sara Zarr

I believe I found this novel just by searching Amazon and Goodreads for recommendations! This also takes place in a similar ‘life stage’ for me as the main characters- college.

For both of the above classics, my momma suggested them! She read them in school. I heard of it but never read them so, I will be now!

Have you read any of the novels I mentioned? Which ones are you interested in? Let me know in the comments.


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