Going through the Motions

I don’t wanna go through the Motions. I don’t wanna go one more day. Without Your all consuming, passion inside of me. “The Motions” by Matthew West

I don’t know about you but my system has been go to school, do work, sleep, and repeat. This systematic way of living blended with previous days that I had. Before I knew it, another month passed.

Urban Dictionary defined the phrase ‘going through the motions’ as, “To go through your everyday life in a mechanical manner, as in:

waking up,

going to work,

getting back home,

watching TV,

going to sleep,


After an amount of time, it becomes really annoying and boring.”

I reflect to think about whether I am existing or living. It’s hard to tell sometimes. Are you just taking up space? I mean, when I sit on the couch and watch show after show, I feel like I did nothing with my life. This isn’t to say that taking easy days are bad but, continuously, it isnt good for you.

I saw a quote about going though the motions end up killing your real emotions. I think this is so true by the blank stares and faces you see as you go about your day. Sometimes just having someone there with you to make everyday different can help.

When we go through the motions of life, we make ourselves the supporting character of our own story. Be the main character of your life.


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