Embracing God’s Call: Overcoming Doubt and Finding Purpose in the Exodus

In the journey of life, we often find ourselves navigating through various chapters, each presenting its unique challenges and opportunities. Currently, my life application Bible has led me to the book of Exodus, unveiling the story of Moses. As I reread this story as a young adult, I am struck by the powerful lessons it holds for us.

Heading into the Exodus

The essence of Exodus is about taking that courageous step when faced with a significant transition. Just as we encounter moments of exodus where we close one chapter and embark on a new journey, Moses also faced a pivotal moment when God instructed him to go. Before God told him anything, Moses declared his readiness by saying, “Here I am.” However, as soon as God called him to go, doubts and excuses surfaced.

Overcoming Self-Doubt

Moses’ initial excuse, as highlighted in Chapter 3, is a familiar one – feeling inadequate. Despite being uniquely formed and prepared by God, Moses questioned his worthiness. How often do we, too, struggle with feelings of inadequacy when confronted with new opportunities? God equips us for the journey ahead; all we need is to trust in His plan.

Navigating Doubts and Perceptions

Moses continued to raise concerns in Chapter 4 about people not believing him. Considering he’s having a conversation with God through a burning bush, this is the least of Moses’ worries. God, being the ultimate orchestrator, presented three ways to address these doubts, demonstrating that He is capable of clearing skepticism and ensuring that His plans come to fruition.

Turning Weaknesses into Strength

A recurring theme throughout Moses’ dialogue with God was his perceived inability to speak eloquently. Little did he realize that God, in His infinite wisdom, can turn our weaknesses into strengths. God’s patience shines through as He encourages Moses, who was, in fact, communicating effectively throughout their conversation.

Facing the Comfort Zone Challenge

In a surprising turn of events, Moses, who initially expressed his availability and willingness to go, now hesitates and requests that someone else be sent. This reluctance is a familiar struggle for many of us – the fear of stepping outside our comfort zones. However, God remains patient and provides solutions to each of Moses’ concerns.

The story of Moses in the book of Exodus serves as a powerful reminder that when doubt creeps in and uncertainties arise, we need to trust in God’s plan. His patience and provision in the face of our hesitations demonstrate that if a challenge is over our heads, it is firmly under His feet. As we navigate our own exodus moments in the job market or any other aspect of life, let us embrace the call, conquer self-doubt, and find purpose in the journey that God has laid out before us.


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