Adventures in Nashvegas

Nashville, often referred to as “NashVegas,” has gained its nickname due to its vibrant entertainment scene, lively nightlife, and diverse attractions. This was a great location for Thanksgiving.

I stayed at the beautiful Grand Hyatt Hotel with a breathtaking view on the 22nd floor (we love a good room upgrade and membership perks). Get ready for stunning vistas of Nashville’s skyline. The higher elevation provided impressive views, especially during sunrise or sunset. Staying on the high floor also offered a quieter atmosphere away from street noise, providing a more serene stay.

Why bother visiting Nashville?

Music Scene:

  • Country Music Capital: Nashville is synonymous with country music. Visitors can explore iconic venues like the Grand Ole Opry, Jonny Cash Museum and Restaurant, and Country Music Hall of Fame.
  • Live Music Everywhere: Whether it’s Broadway’s honky-tonks or smaller venues scattered throughout the city, live music is a constant in Nashville. In the district and Gulch, which is less than a ten minute walk from the hotel, there are so many!

Culinary Delights:

  • Southern Cuisine: Enjoy a rich variety of culinary experiences wih a surprisingly large amount of plant-based restaurants available.
  • Food Scene Diversity: Nashville’s food scene extends beyond Southern fare, offering diverse cuisines from around the world.

Culture and History:

  • Historic Sites: Explore historical landmarks like the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge, Hume-Fogg High School, or the Parthenon replica in Centennial Park.
  • Art and Museums: Visit art galleries, the Frist Art Museum, or explore the exhibits at the numerous history museums.

Vibrant Nightlife:

  • Broadway: The famous strip downtown offers a lively nightlife scene with bars, live music, and an energetic atmosphere.
  • Diverse Entertainment: Beyond country music, Nashville offers a variety of entertainment options, including theaters, comedy clubs, and performing arts venues.

Outdoor Activities and Events

  • Parks and Green Spaces: Enjoy outdoor activities in parks like Shelby Bottoms Greenway, Percy Warner Park, or take a stroll along the Cumberland River.
  • Year-Round Festivities: Nashville hosts numerous festivals and events throughout the year, celebrating music, food, culture, and more.

Nashville’s dynamic blend of music, culture, culinary experiences, and entertainment options make it a must-visit destination for people seeking a lively and diverse city experience.

Another state has been ticked off my list!


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