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How Latin American Literature Critiqued Western Culture

The initial reading of The Dialectic of Our America by Jose David Saldivar was helpful to understand and acknowledge the dialectic nature of historical narratives. His concerns for the American literary canon steps from a shortcoming of theoretical rigor, inauthenticity, and parochial vision. In “I Have,” he never heard of anyone being grateful for the… Read More How Latin American Literature Critiqued Western Culture

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Instructional Design Models

Instructional design models are vast in instructional design regardless of the domain. These models provide guidelines or blueprints of steps for designers to follow to achieve the result and goal. “ID models break down the phases of instruction planning to support” the systematic process and relationship of each phase (Johnson-Barlow, & Lehnen, 2021). All are… Read More Instructional Design Models

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How to Choose the Right Grad School: 5 Important Tips

Research, research, research! Before making any decisions, it is crucial to thoroughly research the graduate programs you are interested in. Look into the faculty members, their areas of expertise, and their research interests. Are you planning on an online, hyrbid, or face-to-face program? This will give you an idea of whether their focus aligns with… Read More How to Choose the Right Grad School: 5 Important Tips

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Being Thankful

Regardless of how this year has been, or any year really, there is always blessings to be thankful for. I began keeping a praise report and gratitude journal. We need to open everyday with praise to God for all He does and continues doing. There are gifts in everyday. It is a matter of perspective.… Read More Being Thankful